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Karen Thomas Blog

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Falling in love

When my husband and I got married we danced to the song called Then by Brad Paisley. I have heard this song probley a million times and enjoy going back and listening to it just to hear those words over and over. In the song it talks about how he doesn't think he can love her more but then he does with each stage of their life together. While sitting next to my husband today we were laughing about who knows what and I realized I love him more now then I ever have! I know this sounds soooo cheesey but I just know I have fallen farther in love with him today then I already was in and it reminding me of this song;) I just know with each step in our life together we will be able to cherish big moments in life and fall deeper in love. I keep telling him lets cherish every moment together because when the baby comes in August we really wont have very many moments just us two for a long time. I really feel that with both have been giving each other more time together. For those of you who don't know Dustin is waiting to find out if he got into grad school and if he does he will be starting in the fall! This means two big life changes for us coming up in just a little under 5 months! Praying for God to lead us in the right direction and for our relationship to continue to grow close to God and close to each other. Oh and last thing.....we have our level two sonogram tomorrow at 2:00. Although I am praying for her to still be a her I am mainly praying for her/him to be healthy. As I pray for this I also realize that God never gives you something you can't handle. (How many times have we heard this?) Thats it for now! All in a Days work:)

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